Stop guessing & build what your customers need

Kampsite gives your users a platform where they can make suggestions to help you build a better product.

See which feature suggestions are most popular amongst your users, better yet see which suggestions your users would actually pay for.

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Engage with your customers

With Kampsite you can discuss ideas with your customers and work together to come up with ideas that will take your product to the next level.

Kampsite will automatically notify your customers by email about updates to suggestions they have posted or subscribed to

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Collect your release notes in a simple Changelog

When you mark a feature as completed it’s automatically added to your product’s change log.

You can then promote your update and create a ‘Feature Showcase’ to higlight your changes and how to start using them.

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Share your product roadmap

Let your customers know what features you’re working on and what features have been recently completed. Get customers signing up now for features that are shipping soon.

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Get Slack notifications for every request and comment

Get an instant notification of a new feature request, suggestion or bug report direct to your team’s Slack channel.

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Everything you need to engage your users


Collect suggestions and ideas from your customers to help you iterate and improve faster

Feature Upvotes

Quickly see which ideas have traction as your users upvote the ideas they’d love to see

Slack Integration

Get notified of new suggestions and comments direct to your team’s slack account

Custom Domains

Bring your own domain and send users to to maintain your branding

2 Click Setup

Simply sign up with your Google account, add a name for your board and you’re ready to collect feedback!

Product Roadmap

Generate a roadmap from your suggestions, showing planned, in progress and completed features

Instant Changelog

Mark items as done and they’ll be added to your changelog automagically. Or Showcase a new feature to add images, tutorials and more

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Why use a feature request tool to manage feedback?

Product managers often find themselves tethered to a never-ending list of features. As new ideas come in, they are added to the backlog and pushed down on the priority ladder. The result is that many great ideas never see the light of day because it’s too hard for product managers to prioritize what should be done first.

By using a simple feature upvote system you can keep tabs on which ideas and suggestions really matter to your audience. Not only can you track the most popular feature requests, but you can also dig into the why by asking questions in the comments to better understand the use case of your customers

Notify users of the status of feature requests

Every user who visits your feedback board can subscribe to a feature request. This way, whenever you add a comment or update the status of the request you can simply and automatically keep your engaged users in the loop - no more digging through the support desk to find out who to contact! Simply update your feature request and your customers will immediately receive an email to tell them the feature has been accepted, put into development or completed.

Organize and prioritize features on your own product roadmap

On a popular app, feedback quick piles up. By segmenting your proposals and feature requests into categories such as ‘Under review’,‘Planned’,‘In Progress’ and ‘Completed’ you can provide an at-a-glance roadmap to your users, helping them understand the direction your product is taking. Kampsite’s new Roadmap board displayed your upcoming features in a kanban-like view, making it clear you are both seeking and acting on customer feedback, building engagement with your users and showing your commitment to the project

Automatically generate a product changelog

Once you mark a feature as complete it is seamlessly added to your product’s Changelog page. This provides you a central place your users can visit to keep tabs on the progress of your product. Simple feature requests are added as basic release notes, but if you have more to say you can create a ‘showcase’, allowing you to show off your latest features in detail with images and examples.